is safety, not style - Reducing road car accidents

is safety, not style - Reducing road car accidents

is safety, not style - Reducing road car accidents.
Indicators yellow or car signal lights are a safety features critical to pedestrians and other road users to predict what path is likely to take the car.
The reason that these lights are coloured yellow color is allow users of the road to see clearly and be alert.
Today, we see many cars do not have adequate indicator lights.
Some cars than red in colour combined with normal braking lights of the vehicle housing. Other drivers may not be able to see the indicators clearly, that is supposed to display the contrast of the other lights of the vehicle.
Some other cars have their indicator lights in the brake light cover and not in the corner. When these signal lights are not placed in a proper position, drivers from the side might not be able to see clearly. Only those coming from directly behind of, check the indicator lights.
The sizes of some of the indicator lights are also important. When the indicator lights are not bright enough or big enough, it can lead to poor visibility, especially during rainy days.
Worse still, they are some reckless drivers that ignites its fog, lights even on days of high visibility? High intensity of the light of this fog may cause difficulties and discomfort to other road users.
Drivers must also take into account that it is very important to comply with existing regulations and not wait for regulators to take action. These security features in the car should function according to its purpose and not just for the style. Drivers should also be more responsible in their attitudes of driving and car maintenance to ensure their own safety.
Using high-powered LED lights for indicator lights spin and HID Xenon headlamps can help drivers and others stay safe on the road and cars increasingly have more equipped with this features premium style and security.
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