tips when driving in California winter

tips when driving in California winter

california season climate always changes and unpredictable.
safety driving vehicle. I think all of us can use a little help and some tips when driving in the most dangerous of all season: winter! Actually I don't like driving in the winter here in California - even if I have the best snow tires on my car; It is simply not for me. It is too cold - hate the cold weather. Here are some tips for driving in winter on snow wheels and tyres winter gets.

  1. Unit of Don t in winter while you re tired! You must always obtain the right amount of sleep before unit; period.
  2. You should never start your car and heat instead closed - as his garage.
  3. Be more positive used tyres are inflated properly and right psi.
  4. Should never mix radial tires with other tyres winter winter gold - pneumatic tires only please, no.
  5. Always keep that tank of gas for their own at least half full to avoid the 5 gas line freeze up - even to ridicule; gas prices only the best to keep it half full.
  6. If it is possible for you, do not use the parking brake in cold - at all.
  7. Don ' t ever use Cruise Control when you ' re driving slippery surfaces.
  8. Whatever happens, always look and go when you want to go to the address you want to go.
  9. Was on the right side of safety belt when it comes to your vehicle. This is probably one of the most important – not us ' t want nothing happens to you.

When you go in long distance travel is usually different:

  1. Be sure see the reports on time and still makes its own climate research when you plan to drive long distances.
  2. Ensure your winter tires and their car is in the best condition of driving before even thinking of driving in the winter.
  3. Never about yourself to exercise if you end up having to push your car somewhere.
  4. Be positive that your tailpipe all clogged with snow. When you have a blocked exhaust pipe, this can lead to deadly carbon monoxide gas to filter the cockpit engine still going!
  5. If possible, run your engine and heat for only the amount of time to reduce cold and retain their gas.
If decide to drive in the snow with wheels in winter; Here are some important tips to be followed:

  1. The accelerate and decelerate at their tires in snow or used tires, do it slowly.
  2. Whatever happens, tires in the business unit slowly when driving in the snow - even if you have the best snow! Leave early bearing in mind that it takes more time to get somewhere when roads are covered with snow.
  3. Know how brakes. The best way to stop is threshold breaking. This means you must keep the front foot heel on the floor and then use the ball of the foot to apply constant pressure on the brake pedal.
  4. Only remain home if you can.
I've never driven in snow, but I can only imagine how difficult it really is and how it can be dangerous. If you follow these easy tips for driving your snow tires in the snow, I am sure that they are safe and get from point to point b in peace and in one piece.
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  1. Driving in winters can be a difficult because of visibility & cold weather and yes you made right that ensure your winter tires and their car is in the best condition of driving.
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