Winter management tips VEHICLE DRIVING

Winter management tips VEHICLE DRIVING

Winter management tips VEHICLE DRIVING

in US NOW .So winter is around the corner. It is one of the most difficult moments of year to drive in. No one enjoys scraping the ice and snow from your car cleaning but what is even worse is pushing in. with some precautions and techniques can reduce and prevent many car accidents. There are many tips of driving winter that can continue to be safe this season.
With a weather forecast all drivers must have well prepared car. The preparation of your vehicle is very important. All drivers must check all levels of vehicle fluids before departure. Tires should be properly inflated. Things to take with you are a scraper of ice, snow, bypass, wire brush gold shovel flares, torch, etc. It is an obligation to delete as much snow and ice off the car before. Remove the ice and the snow out of all Windows and lights and pieces of ice in the as allows you to see as much as possible and keep her because visible to other drivers.
Now that the best car is prepared it is important to be aware while driving. Pay more attention and not try to break the unity of the weather. Remember that the published speed limits intended for normal driving conditions. Reduce speed and make sure you leave extra space to stop. Under normal conditions, drivers must stop length of at least one car for every 10 miles per hour. Weather conditions should double the length of the car. Always be seeking maintenance vehicles and plows. These vehicles must have the right of way on the road. Be very careful when changing lanes, such as step towards in worse condition.
If the weather is very bad is obviously best be only roads if possible. If you are on the road or really have to get somewhere always know the latest road conditions. If you need to stop or slow down, use the jumps with care. It takes much more time and the distance to rein in bad weather conditions. Try to avoid ice patches whenever possible. All wheel drive vehicles are welcome, but not help stop any faster than other cars on the road. Many vehicles all wheel drive jeeps and trucks which are heavier than normal cars and therefore may take more time to stop. Just go slow, attention, leaving plenty of space and pay extra attention.

by : Harry Pateroulakis
Mercedes driving school
Defensive driving Long Island NY, United States

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