Overcome stall car due flooding

Overcome stall car due flooding - maybe at europe rain is not sme with in asia, for big rain can make the land due in flooding, and the higway / road are fulfill with the water. that is big problem for our cars, because our car can be stalled and that is not good for the engine. or we must find other car insurance quote again, just for avoid to overcome stall car .
Like this season, It should be noted that when you are driving a car and stuck in a puddle of water / flood. Surely you all will feel panic as how to get out of a puddle of water while the car engine off. If you braved the deluge and your car breaks down in the middle of the flood water then you have to overcome car stall is :
  1. Try doing engine starter until 2 or 3 times. If you still can not not be forced because the flame would be dangerous. Try to ask for help to the people around to drive to a place that is completely safe from puddles.
  2. Once think you're in a safe place, then the thing to do that is to open the hood, and then dry the distributor, coil, spark plugs, spark plug wires with a piece of newspaper or a dry cloth.
  3. After that, try the starter again 2 to 3 times. But if the machine still did not want to live well, disconnect the spark plug wire and watch genangai around the spark plug. Fear spark plugs, spark plug wires or exposed to water and if there is no water then open the distributor cap and dry and put back on track.
  4. Then, you try to restart the engine. If the ignition and the car was able to walk again then you should do the brakes of your vehicle multiple times to some of the components on the car was functioning again.
  5. The latter is, after your vehicle is back to normal, it's good to be taken to the nearest garage for further examination because when it flooded like that there must be a faulty component, especially in the braking system.
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Overcome strikes Car

There was Not every driver is a mechanic/ can repair their own car. may be we need cheap auto insurance , The problem is : Strikes car certainly make us very upset. Moreover, if the car broke down at times when things were rough or we are in a hurry. Indeed, the car broke down was not need to happen if you diligently take care of your car engine well. But sometimes fate is definitely not looking up to you so that the car broke down in the middle of the street into something that was inevitable.
For those of you who know well about the possible engine problems stalled car will not make you be totally freaked out. But what about those of you who only have very little knowledge about it? Take it easy because this article will give you some tips BlogOtomotif Practical Car Strikes Deal that you can do it yourself and not too demanding if you understand well the engine or just know a little.
Basically, the engine can run as there are 3 components of the motion, the power supplier, distributor ignition and fuel supply. 
Therefore, before calling a mechanic to repair, should Kila can check these components. Here are the steps you need to do when your car broke down:
1. Push the car to the side of the road if your car suddenly broke down right in the middle of the road.
2. Check the power supplies
The components consist of battery power supplies and converters of high voltage coil. Battery provides power when the machine is first turned on. Voltage 12 volt battery, the coil will be increased up to tens of thousands of volts. This voltage is supplied by a distributor and platinum or CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) to the spark plug for ignition. The engine will be hard to live if there is a problem in the battery and coil. The indication is currently difficult distarter engine lift. timing slow wheel rotation. Koil is rarely problematic, if any, are usually the problem lies in the cable, ie not connected or broken. While the battery. problems that often arise less stun or short term. As the solution is removed and the battery charged. Problems can arise because the battery connection at poles (head) battery loose or corrosion. To overcome this, tighten the screws on the battery poles, and clean the dirt.
3. Check the Ignition
When the component power supplies is no problem, the next step is to check the ignition components. This component consists of a distributor, platinum or CDI, and spark plugs. All plugs are checked and sanitized. Machines can limp because one spark could be dirty or dead. Replace the spark plug wires and make sure it is installed properly on the head distributor. Distributor opened and inspected platinum, then see whether the surface dirty or worn. Clean with sandpaper and reinstall. Make sure all the cables that connect the distributor to the condenser, spark plugs and coils connected properly.
4. Check the Fuel Supplier
Note the fuel component supplier. That carburetor (for cars still use carburetors) and a gas station. Of the gasoline tank, fuel is pumped into the carburetor. A mixture of gasoline and air channeled into the ignition to move the engine or piston.
Problems that occur are mostly gasoline carburetor or fuel shortages. When this happens, the engine will not turn. Open the carburetor air filter, if it floods, leave it open for a while and start the engine without stepping on the gas pedal or stomp deeply. Once the engine starts, release the gas stamping. If the fuel supply is less, may be due to dirty carburetor. When that happens, the carburetor needs to be cleaned.
In addition to the carburetor, fuel pump that is not perfect or damaged can also cause the car broke down. Gas station can also wear on the valve, so it is not working properly. To detect it: Remove the fuel hose and then input end into the bottle. Then the car starter. If the fuel is still flowing, the fuel is still functioning well, and vice versa.
5. Check the starter switcher wear
Devices that do look trivial and often not recognized by the user or owner of the car. In fact, the possibility of damage to the device is very large. Understandably, switcher most often used when the user is in the car began to turn on or off the vehicle engine.
In general, damage occurs in a loose cable, metal contactor plus minus for connecting an electric current is worn so it is not connected. Replace immediately if you suspect problems.
But when you experience it in the way that lonely and away from the crowds, the emergency measures are plus and minus cables connecting starter. How to use a pin or a small sharp wire, and connect the two wires with a pin or small wire is.
Some of the tips above are just the first step the handling of the car broke down. If you've checked all the parts but the result is still nil, there is no other way but to call a crane and take your car to the nearest garage. Hope it helps. or other way is we need cheap car insurance .
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Overcome Stall Car

How to Overcome Overcome Stall Car / Car Crash . a situation that annoying us in the way, how about that happend in the mignight or important momment, to be sure you never feel one of the most unpleasant incident that had experienced a driver's car that is breaking down. Genesis is certainly very annoying, especially when you're pressed for time to get to somewhere soon.
Whatever the brand of our cars ( honda , ford , chrysler, volvo, audi, ferrari, toyota, suzuki , izusu, mitsubishi, bmw, roll royce etc ). that can be happen in our live sometime.
Plus the fact that you do not understand the ins and outs of engines, already complete penderitaan.Untuk handle (especially for those who do not understand the car), there are short tips that might be implemented. Who knows, with this new knowledge, the damage caused is not severe and the car can still be tricked that way down to the nearest garage. After all, you certainly do not want to our favorite car (or maybe the only) placed in an unfamiliar place is not it? Here are the tips for overcome stall car:
  1. Check electrical power in the coil is connected or not
  2. See distributor and paste it into your car body, then the starter cars have power / electric spark or not.
  3. If no, check that the platinum is dirty / no.
  4. Repeat the second step, if there is ignition means the car ready for the road.
  5. If they also try to check the fuel strike. Take the bottle, insert the hose into the bottle of gasoline car starter. If gasoline out, meaning the fuel is still functioning well.
  6. If it does not come out, the pump / fuel filter is dirty. If this is not another, telephone subscription service station so your car can be towed and repaired
  7. we can look for car insurance quote to find best and cheap auto insurance .
That better to avoid than handle the next problem.
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BMW Genewa AUTOSHOW 2012

BMW logo is pictured on a car during the first media day of the Geneva Auto Show at the Palexpo in Geneva. THE PULSE OF A NEW GENERATION. the new A-class
the new product BMW 2012 has show at Palexpo at this march. ready on the road at this year
BMW Genewa AUTOSHOW 2012BMW mercedes benz Genewa AUTOSHOW 2012, luxury product car. the hotest car with red color of sportcar product for essential taste.
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Ford Focus electric car AUTOSHOW genewa

Ford Focus electric car AUTOSHOW genewayellow Ford Focus electric car AUTOSHOW genewa, there is the big car manufacture is very serious to make public the electric cars for the world. here they are show the FOCUS car model that safety environment and support green world.
Ford Focus electric car genewawhite 2012 Ford Focus electric car is displayed next to his charging station
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2012 new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Geneva Auto Show

2012 new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Geneva Auto Showhere the special sportcars 2012-new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Geneva Auto Show, the most visited by visitors and medias.
2012 new Ferrari F12 Berlinettamost Visitors take pictures of the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta car displayed on the car maker's booth during the first media day
2012 new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Geneva Auto ShowFerrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Fiat Chairman John Elkann and Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne (L to R) pose with the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
2012 new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Geneva Auto ShowLamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann poses next to the Lamborghini Aventador car. REUTERS/Ferrari
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2012 Bentley EXP 9 F concept car at Geneva Auto Show

2012 Bentley EXP 9 F concept car at Geneva Auto Showat last we can see 2012 Bentley EXP 9 F concept car at Geneva Auto Show . the shape of true cars is not to different with the concept.
2012 Bentley EXP 9 F
2012 Bentley EXP 9 F hot car2012 Bentley EXP 9 F back seating with luxury performace
2012 Bentley EXP 9 FBentley EXP 9 F front driver seating
2012 Bentley EXP 9 Fthere is Bentley Mulsanne car is displayed on the car maker's booth during the first media day of the Geneva Auto Show at the Palexpo in Geneva Auto Show will take place from March 8 to 18, 2012. source : REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud
The Bentley took the wraps off a concept for a sport-utility vehicle in the event, the first-ever such vehicle in the 94-year history of the marque.
Assuming it goes into production in a few years, this is almost surely the Bentley that will launch the brand's first-ever plug-in hybrid powertrains, fitted to both its W-12 and V-8 engines.
The reasons for a Bentley SUV are the same as those behind the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz GL Class, Porsche Cayenne, the upcoming Maserati Kubang, and the longstanding popularity of various Range Rover models: Rich people in developing countries like vehicles from global luxury brands, too.
But sport utilities are often far better suited to marginal roads outside big cities than are luxury sedans or sports cars.
In other words, if Bentley wants to plant a flag in China, India, and Russia, it needs a full-size and uber-luxurious all-wheel drive vehicle.
source : http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1073712_bentley-exp-9-f-concept-for-plug-in-hybrid-suv-geneva-motor-show
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