be carefull to BUY USED CAR TIRE

be carefull to BUY USED CAR TIRE

be carefull to BUY USED CAR TIRE
be carefull to BUY USED CAR TIRE

Ban cars now cost more and soar aja. Nggga few car owners try to glance at a used car tires. Legitimate legal aja pake want a used car tires, but the main priority remains the safety. Do not skimp because 200rb money, so the stakes are your life. As we now see a lot of used car tires sold dipinggiran streets of the capital, many sizes offered and the price is very tempting friendly car owners.
But there are some things to consider the following before you buy a used car tires.
One. Size of tire wear is still in its early stages the former safe, measuring pake silver coins, Äúgope, Äôan, AU (five hundred silver). Enter a coin into the groove of tires, and look at the height of the tire surface. The minimum height of the tire groove is in writing, jasmine Äúbunga, AU, if you can read the writing, jasmine Äúbunga, AU at the time the coin is inserted then it is not feasible tire wear.

2. Make sure the flat tire on the wear surface (tire not eat the left or right). Rotate tires thoroughly than faucet cap to close the valve again back to 360 degrees.

3. Make sure there are no bumps on the surface of used tires. Put the tire on a rim and tire content in accordance with the size indicated on the tire wall. Check the overall condition of the tires if there is a bump. Usually the lump is one factor used tires sold as it makes the car unstable (returns) factory defect.

4. Adjust the size and model of tire, the tire grooves at least try the same two sets (sets of left and right front tire same) (sets of left and right rear tires the same)

It should be noted .. that the use of rubber tire is for temporary, should be used for spare tire only. Used car tire life is different with a new car tire life.

K = 110 km / h
L = 120 km / h
M = 130 km / h
N = 140 km / h
P = 150 km / h
Q = 160 km / h
R = 170 km / h
S = 180 km / h
T = 190 km / h
U = 200 km / h
H = 210 km / h
V = 210 km / h
Used car tires have a speed limit of tolerance of 20% -30%

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