Overcome stall car due flooding

Overcome stall car due flooding

Overcome stall car due flooding - maybe at europe rain is not sme with in asia, for big rain can make the land due in flooding, and the higway / road are fulfill with the water. that is big problem for our cars, because our car can be stalled and that is not good for the engine. or we must find other car insurance quote again, just for avoid to overcome stall car .
Like this season, It should be noted that when you are driving a car and stuck in a puddle of water / flood. Surely you all will feel panic as how to get out of a puddle of water while the car engine off. If you braved the deluge and your car breaks down in the middle of the flood water then you have to overcome car stall is :
  1. Try doing engine starter until 2 or 3 times. If you still can not not be forced because the flame would be dangerous. Try to ask for help to the people around to drive to a place that is completely safe from puddles.
  2. Once think you're in a safe place, then the thing to do that is to open the hood, and then dry the distributor, coil, spark plugs, spark plug wires with a piece of newspaper or a dry cloth.
  3. After that, try the starter again 2 to 3 times. But if the machine still did not want to live well, disconnect the spark plug wire and watch genangai around the spark plug. Fear spark plugs, spark plug wires or exposed to water and if there is no water then open the distributor cap and dry and put back on track.
  4. Then, you try to restart the engine. If the ignition and the car was able to walk again then you should do the brakes of your vehicle multiple times to some of the components on the car was functioning again.
  5. The latter is, after your vehicle is back to normal, it's good to be taken to the nearest garage for further examination because when it flooded like that there must be a faulty component, especially in the braking system.

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Posted by Rewa lee, Published at 8:48 AM

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