tips for Biannual Replacements in Car

tips for Biannual Replacements in Car

Modern cars are getting smarter are more complex but need less frequent service. Whether your car is 2 or 2S years old, some parts and fluids would still need to be replaced.
These parts include some spark plugs, filters, emission-control components, ignition wiring and parts. Fluids include and wheel-bearing lubricants, transmission and differential.
One can learn to replace them and save some money.Replacing Radiator Coolant, Cap and HosesFollow this simple guide to replace these parts:
First, remove the radiator cap and drain the coolant.
Also drain the coolant reservoir if possible.
The car's heater might also contain a drain plug. Be sure to have a container to collect the draining coolant.
Use fresh water and a radiator cleaner to flush the radiator system. Then attach a garden hose and circulate fresh water through the system under pressure.
Check the condition of the radiator hoses by squeezing them. They have to be replaced if they are soft. Hoses are usually cheap when they are replaced.
For replacing the coolant, make sure that all the drain plugs are tightened. Before adding the coolant to the radiator, open the car's heater temperature control to the maximum heat position. When the radiator is full of coolant, start the car and let it warm up with the radiator cap off. When the upper radiator hose gets warm, turn off the engine and let it cool.
Now add more coolant fill the radiator as needed. Use a new radiator pressure cap to replace the old one. Again start the engine and let it warm and inspect the radiator, engine block drain plugs and heater core for leaks and reservoir for any leaks. Dispose the old coolant properly because it is poisonous.

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