Fuel Saving Tips for Driving a Car Family

Fuel Saving Tips for Driving a Car Family

Fuel Saving Tips for Driving a Car Family
Family car is devoted to transport a sizable number of passengers, thus resulting in relatively heavy passenger loads. This causes the engine power needed to propel the car to the destination require that the relative fuel consumption of gasoline or diesel exhaust.
Nevertheless the family car in its use can be used only for two or even one person, but be careful if in Big city.. minimum of 2 passengers, to reduce congestion in relation number of cars lining the highway.
Well this time will express tips Mfaroz Home conserve fuel while driving.
Fuel Saving Tips for Driving a Car Family
Here are tips on saving fuel when driving a Family Car:
1. Plan your trip so that mengehemat time and fuel. If possible, avoid peak traffic flows. If the goal would be quite far away, do not forget to bring a road map that contains information peristrirahatan places, filling stations, garages, main lines, and alternate routes.
2. Check the tire pressure of vehicles in accordance with the recommendation. This reduces fuel consumption, will extend the life of the vehicle, and add to ease handling of the vehicle.
3. Check the condition of the car and if necessary, to do service to the garage before traveling to the destination.
4. Bring the goods according to need. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel is consumed.
5. Driving with the smooth and constant. This will avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking repeatedly resulting in wasted fuel. Do not forget to keep a distance with the vehicle in front of you.
6. drived on the recommended vehicle speed for optimum fuel combustion.

Although using the tips above, it is advisable to choose a new car or used car is fuel efficient.

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